Welcome to the Pointer Club International

You can mix with the world's best, find out news and views, check dates for field trials in Victoria and major events around the world, and learn more about the working pointer.

Launched in March 2006, our aim is to create a meeting point for gundog enthusiasts the world over and to facilitate the sharing of information to assist in improving our knowledge. To allow enthusiasts to forge relationships around the world, to give them the opportunity to come and see and hunt our dogs in Australia, and give us in Australia, the opportunity to visit and hunt dogs in other countries.

Please check the links on our Club page, which will be updated with LITTERS DUE, IMPORTS/EXPORT NEWS, HEALTH ISSUES. If any enthusiast is travelling overseas and wants to meet up with other gundog people, please let us know and we will post a notice on our TRAVEL link page, which may assist you make overseas contacts.

We hope this site will help us find other passionate pointer people who share our vision of an online community where ideas, knowledge and even breed lines can be exchanged for the betterment of our dogs.

Also, the home of Pinpoint Gundogs

At Pinpoint we breed for style , natural ability, trainablity,and most important temperament together with sound confirmation.
To date we have imported 12 pointers, hunting down the world's best lines for us.

Our Pointers are bred with some of the finest working blood lines from around the world, from countries like Italy , Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Denmark and the UK. Most of the dogs in our lines have represented their countries in world champoinships, bringing us the strongest working lines here to Australia.

All this would not be possible without the help of other passionate special friends like Pino , Urte, Laust and Nadine. So a big special thanks to you all

Enquiries always welcome.

Vince Pino
Mobile 0408 992 009



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